Give Me Your Eyes

I always like to think I am doing a good job– who doesn’t? We like to think we are doing our best at balancing our lives. We are helping people. We are spreading the Message. We are praying. We are going to church. We seem to be doing some great things, but I think at times we don’t look at our full potential.

I’m busy. Aren’t we all? I can say that I devote some time to God daily. Does that make me special? Not at all. Devoting time to God daily is a good thing; however, we need to analyze where our other time is going, and see what exactly holds the most attention.

See, this past week I had something happened which changed things for me temporarily. I had an injury to my eye which made it difficult to do much of anything. I was not able to be on the computer for much time at all. I couldn’t go out and about much. I was stuck at home, and was left to think a lot. Thinking can be a good thing; it can bring you to a realization that couldn’t be recognized during the busy moments.

I was sneaking some messages into vlogs and blogs, and I was talking to people about God. I was doing the website. I was reading my Bible daily. I was trying to be a good neighbor and to share the love of Christ with people. But how much time did those things take? What was I doing with the rest of my day?

I recognized while I was without my proper sight, that I had my vision a bit skewed. The clock was ticking and I was allowing it to tick by as I was doing something that wasn’t necessarily getting anything accomplished. If we spend so little time trying to spread the Gospel, and trying to do what we are purposed to do, we are really giving God our leftovers.

I think when we look through our eyes, we miss a lot. While I was without proper sight, I asked God to give me His eyes. His eyes see things a whole lot different than mine. I think this song says it best…


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