Turn the Key

One thing that I always take notice to is my dog Max. He doesn’t let me stop knowing that he’s around, because he’s right here, right now. Everywhere I go, he follow me around. The thing about dogs is that they love you so much and they just aim to please. If I start to walk toward the door, there he is giving me the eyes hoping that I will take him with me for a car ride. He doesn’t even care where I am going, simply that he is with me. He just wants to be a part of my life.

God wants to be a part of our lives too. He’s with us wherever we go. He will meet us wherever we are at, just like the dog will meet us wherever we are at. It doesn’t matter if we are going through a tough time in our life. Even if we forgot to read our Bible and have neglected to make the right choices, there He is with us. It’s that kind of love — that constant being there– it shows how much God loves us.

Most know John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” Can you imagine loving someone so much to give that ultimate sacrifice? I think of my dog when I come home after I left him, and how he looks at me with his cute brown eyes and wags his tail– he is so happy to see me. He doesn’t care about all those hours that I was away. He’s just so excited that I’m with him. That’s all he wants is for me to be with him.

That’s what God wants too. God gets so excited when you spend time with Him, when you take Him with you wherever you go, when you read His Word. Just like that dog who comes running to the door when the key is put in the door and you start turning it, and the dog jumps up to lick you in the face. In the same way, there’s rejoicing when you spend time with God and take that moment.

I don’t think we realize sometimes how much God loves us. I don’t think we understand that whenever we are turning the key (opening the Bible), how excited He is that we are inviting Him into our lives. He gave us our lives. All He asks is to be a part of it. That’s it. It sounds very easy but everyone makes it so hard. It’s not about a bunch of laws. It’s not about what this person or that person says. It’s simply about what God says. It’s actually not so difficult because He left us the great Comforter who can help us figure it out. It’s all about turning the key. James 4:8 says, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”

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