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Keeping The Father Waiting Lesson Plan

Keeping The Father Waiting Lesson Plan

Please feel free to download and/or print the lesson and the accompanying resource(s) and use for ministry purposes. If you have any comments or questions, do not hesitate to contact. Not for resale.


TOPIC: Priorities
SCRIPTURE: Exodus 20:3, Matthew 22:36-38, Matthew 6:24, Matthew 6:33
TARGET AUDIENCE: Youth thru Adults
MATERIALS: Video (found here http://youtu.be/EhXEKH7xX1g), Rock/Jar Supplies (see Rock/Jar
Exercise Sheet), paper & container (see exercise in Experiment section)

  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of what should take priority in our lives by analyzing Exodus 20:3, Matthew 22:36-38, and Matthew 6:24.
  • ┬áStudents will demonstrate understanding of priorities in life by sharing examples of non- essential items and items that point to God from their own lives.
  • ┬áStudents will demonstrate an understanding of how to change their schedule and their priorities in life to make sure God gets top priority.

For the complete lesson, follow the download links. Please be aware that the items are stored on Google Drive so you will be transferred.

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