Daily Archives: June 1st, 2014

All We’ll Ever Want

We always say if we have something, we will be forever content. For some people, the something is a someone. For some people, the something is a particular sum of money or a house or some other items. In reality these things are never enough. We always crave for more. We always have this void that only God can fill.

In Isaiah 26, there was mention of a song that would be sung in Judah. It spoke about not being in a hurry, even being “content to linger.” It continued, “Who You are and what You’ve done are all we’ll ever want.” WHO You are and WHAT You’ve done – ALL we’ll ever want.

Can you say that about God today? Can you say that all you’ll ever want is Who He is and What He has done? Can you sing this song? The song continues, “Through the night my soul longs for You. Deep from within me my spirit reaches out to You.” I pray that these words are upon your lips today. May your spirit reach out to Him today and always.

“We’re in no hurry, God. We’re content to linger
in the path sign-posted with your decisions.
Who you are and what you’ve done
are all we’ll ever want.”

-Isaiah 26:8 [MSG]

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