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The Ripple Effect

There are times when we do things that we do not think effect other people but we never can foresee how far of a ripple effect our actions can have on those around us. For David, he committed an act of adultery. One would likely say that would only effect him and the couple involved, but that wasn’t true. There are often times when we do something and others are hurt by our sins. Others are affected no matter our intentions.

In this case, Bathsheba became pregnant so David attempted to get Uriah to spend time with his wife to cover up the sin. Uriah pledged his allegiance to the Israelites and the king and slept on the steps. David even tried to use alcohol to get Uriah to spend the night with his wife, but that didn’t work. Finally, David had Joab send Uriah out to the front line and he said to pull back the men so that Uriah would surely meet his death. When the men pulled back, not only did Uriah die. There were “several other Israelite soldiers” who paid the price as well.

Never think that your sin only involves you. There is a ripple effect that you can never see coming. Sin is a nasty weed that can spread and dig itself into many areas of your life and touch many others you never intended it to reach. What a viscous web of destruction we build as we focus our eyes on evil. Today let us focus on Him and as Paul wrote, what is good and pure and beneficial.

‘And when the enemy soldiers came out of the city to fight, Uriah the Hittite was killed along with several other Israelite soldiers.” – 2 Samuel 11:17 [NLT]

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