Deep Water Roots

When a tree does not have strong roots, deep water roots, it cannot withstand the situations of life. We see less signs of life—the leaves are withered and there is little fruit produced because of periods of great heat and drought. When a tree has great roots that sink into the water they always have […]

Bare Behind

I have always had the privilege of working with people all of my life—people from all walks of life. Today there was a man who said he wanted to ask a question to a lady who was standing in my line. He said, “If a bear was chasing you and up ahead there was a […]

The Leaf

The leaf hung on the tree So many together All so different But all so green It was in a moment So easy to pass by As quick as a flash Missed by their eyes The bird broke the leaf’s stem Just enough to sever it Slowly the leaf died Still overlooked The wind blew, […]