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Tribute Poem

This is a poem that I wrote for a very special person. See you soon.

Mary Got A Promotion

God said

“Love Justice & Seek Mercy

And Walk Humbly with your God”

Mary did


God said

“Love your Neighbor as yourself

Be Kind and Compassionate”

Mary did


God said

“Work Hard at Whatever you do

As Working for the Lord”

Mary did

God said

“Honor your parents

Teach your children”

Mary did


God said

“Follow My example

Walk in the way of love”

Mary did


Today is a day of celebration.

Today is a day to rejoice.

God said “Good job My faithful servant”

Mary got a promotion.




Not Forgotten

On this day eighteen years ago, my grandfather passed away after battling Leukemia for over two years. He was such an amazing man; my words cannot do him honor. I thank God for the time I had with my grandpa, and I know one day I’ll see him again. After my grandpa passed, the family found he had kept a scrap of paper with Isaiah 41:10 scrawled on it inside his wallet. When I found out, it gave me some peace, and that verse has forever been a promise of God that I have returned to again and again. That verse is where FearNot Ministries originated. It is such a precious thing to know that God is always with you, always there to comfort you, to strengthen you, to guide you. We truly have nothing to fear if we have God.

This is a poem I wrote at age 15 for my grandfather which was published in a poetry compilation. I thought I’d share it today as it touches upon the fact that we don’t always show our love enough and we so often take this precious gift of life for granted. Love like Jesus.

I don’t know you.
I can’t remember.
Your short time,
Always a blur.
I met you briefly,
too young to care.
But now I miss you;
You’re up there.
I can’t see you.
You can’t talk to me.
Yet, I can speak to you.
All I do, you see.
I long for your hugs;
just one kiss.
Me, your sorrowful granddaughter,
The kisses I will always miss.
I can’t say I know you;
only that I care.
Just wanted to say “I love you.”
Hope you’re aware.

– Tania Goody © 1995